Redacre Disability Access

2nd April 2019

redacre sunset

At Redacre we are working towards making our community and growing spaces more accessible. We would like to welcome more visitors and members to share in the opportunities that the project can offer to all.

We accept that, as a natural environment, Redacre presents many challenges and barriers to access.

A number of accessible features have been in place: lower, more accessible raised beds; an area for disabled parking and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

However, we have suffered setbacks in our efforts.

Flooding of the entrance after heavy rainfall makes the disabled car parking area unusable and the pathways difficult to access.

A recent fire destroyed our accessible composting toilet.

Even with these features in place, the uneven ground can present barriers to disabled users from access to the site entrance and to the communal areas and growing spaces.

Our goal is to make the site more accessible to all members of the local community by removing barriers and offering opportunities to enjoy the space, grow organically and take part in the activities of our cooperative.

In order to help achieve this goal we would like to invite members from our local disabled community to share their views and help us understand their needs.

If you would like share your views, thoughts and ideas about how we can make Redacre more accessible please contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you.