Thanks to everyone who attended the Community Day in March

3rd April 2016

Thanks to everyone who attended the Community Day in March

It was great to see many of you at our last community work day and rent collection, otherwise known as Lady Day, Sunday 20 March.

The skip was filled, all fruit bushes pruned, however, the composting loo was demolished and burned - save for part of the door!

Thank you to everyone who came along, there is still some delicious Red Acre wine left for next time!

If any one still has to pay rent for this year, the deadline is Wed 13 April. Please make cheques payable to Red Acre Growing Project Ltd.

Thanks for all your suggestions which included:

  • The Pond Group needs more members
  • Some careful dredging of pond vegetation is needed
  • Checks needed on frogs and frogs spawn
  • Marginal plants tending
  • Kids’ Den - where & how?
  • We do need to ensure our boundary fences are secure - ideas are very welcome
  • Summer Festival - we think we should give this a go - probably end Aug or early Sep. Live music, stalls, etc - what do you think & are prepared to help out with?
  • Idea of a manure heap on site/buying in of well rotted horse manure - we have usually left this to individual plot holders; any other way o0f organising this?
  • Old/spoilt clay - who want to use this?

Looking ahead, there is an directors’ meeting Wed 13 April, from 7pm on site at Red Acre - members and friends are very welcome to come along.

On the agenda:

  • Rent payment update
  • Boundary fence & site security
  • Disabled access composting toilet
  • Community Payback work on new compost bays
  • Future work days
  • Fruit tree survey and map

Looking forward to a proper spring @ Red Acre,